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Build trust and transparency while gaining valuable insights to help you plan for a stronger financial future for your business.

While auditing and assurance accounting services are often necessary to meet the regulatory requirements of running a company, they can provide so much more value in the right hands. 

At TH White & Co in St Kilda, Melbourne, we are experienced in auditing a broad range of businesses. Our Internal Audits will enhance your degree of confidence that your organisation’s financial reports:

  • are prepared following the Rules or Legislation governing your organisation and with generally accepted Accounting Standards
  • are at low risk of containing material financial misstatements
  • reflect the financial position of your organisation and the results for the period, and that:
    • the details of what is owned (assets) and what is owed (liabilities) are properly recorded in the balance sheet
    • the details of profits or losses are properly assessed and recorded.
Make business decisions with confidence

Our advisers are here to help you achieve your audit and assurance goals.

They have extensive experience delivering tailored advice and constructive recommendations to help deliver a solid financial position for your business, whether you are a small family-owned business or a large corporate or not-for-profit.

Contact us today to find out more about our audit and assurance accounting services. Our expertise extends to businesses in St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC, and beyond.

What is an independent audit?

An independent audit is examining a company’s financial statements and reports to obtain an independent opinion on the accuracy of those statements or reports. In other words, the role of the independent auditor is to inspect the financial records of a company that are following generally accepted accounting practices. Once the audit is complete, the independent auditor will express an opinion on whether the information presented, when taken as a whole, properly reflects the financial position of the organisation at a given date.

Why are independent audits necessary?

An independent audit may be required:

  • by law due to the nature or size of the company
  • to obtain funding through investments or grants
  • to qualify for a loan
  • when selling a business.

Independent audits provide confidence for shareholders and investors that an organisation accurately reports their finances, and they are therefore protected from any fraudulent behaviour.

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